The Heart’s Always Seventeen

The Heart’s Always Seventeen

I’m listening to old music and looking at old photos tonight. I wish I had more skill with Logic Pro X or LumaFusion… Instead I guess I’ll just try to post a few images here to accompany my song ‘Back In the Day’. In case you listened to it and hadn’t guessed (you DID listen to it, didn’t you…?) it’s autobiographical.


Back in the day when I was a kid, In the summer of sixty three

Here is a photo of an old black DeSoto

In the back seat are my brother and me…

Those were the days when time moved slowly

That’s how it seemed to me

The anticipation of summer vacation

My dog and my family and me.


Back in the day when I was in high school

The blizzard of ‘seventy four

We were riding along singing old Christmas songs

‘Till Amy got stuck in the storm

Those were the days when life was simpler

That’s how it seems to me

And there in the snow

It was Ronnie and Joe, Deanna and Amy and me…


(Note: and Alice! Dear Alice, here you are, on the left next to Ronnie, Amy, Joe and Deanna. I never forgot you and I never will. I just didn’t remember that you were part of this particular adventure…!)

Though children move on, pack those dreams away…

Caught up in the day to day, and the years roll on

But the heart’s always seventeen.


Well those were the days, and where did the time go?

Seems like it was just yesterday…

All the times and the places, the friends and the faces

Moved on to go our separate ways

Those are the days that I still remember…

Tomorrow’s a dream away

When you get to the end, you can “Just Call A Friend”

And together, go back in the day…